A Calcium deficiency and Septoria on Cannabis.

Let's look at a Calcium deficiency and Septoria on Cannabis.

Septoria disease-free seeds are mandatory in breeding, or if the seed is known to have Septoria, use a hot water treatment, seeds are viable 1 year after treatment.


Calcium works best in a PH range of

5.4 – 5.8 in a hydroponic set up
6.5 – 8.0 in soil.

Calcium lockout happens when the PH of the growing medium gets below these two values. This means, if you are growing in soil you should not let your PH dip below 6.5 and 5.4 for hydroponic is the key numbers to prevent lockout.

Simply adding wood ashes could save your plant from lock out, if the PH is too low, meal worm frass is 3 ph and you could use that to control high PH.

James Coterel has meal worm frass I'm testing now, and biochar will be the next test substrate from Jim, and I forgot what else he had.

You can contact Jim for more information on his products.

As soon as Hydrafiber contacts me I'll move forward with testing it.
Hydrafiber is 4.4 PH, a possible peat replacement which is 3 8 PH.
Don't jump on Hydrafiber yet, I'll test the internet claim on its peat replacement factor, then you'll know before we all make the big shift using it for Cannabis.

I still have the old school ways with regular dirt, no amendments, no neem, the more the nothing, the better the weed when finished.

Aged Rabbit manure, 10 year aged Chicken Manure throw in soil, top dress sprinkle when it needs more, or throw worm manure up top like a compost pile. then relax and let it come together in harmony naturally.

Observing the leafs but you can observe calcium toxicity by getting signs of Magnesium, Potassium and Manganese deficiency as too much calcium will lock out these three elements.

It's crucial to toss out bad genetics before your soil becomes a breeding ground for pathogens and diseases.
You can do a lot of positive work by stopping the practice of raising plants, that only serve a purpose to raise pest and pathogens or diseases. 

As you learn more about lockouts and do your leaf research, you'll be able to help your plant recover and protect it from plant issues in the picture.

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